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Eclipse Mixing is a small and friendly online mixing and mastering business, with great service and communication, and professional audio mixes.

Our mixing process includes:
- A fresh perspective to spot the strengths of your song
- Gain staging for maximum headroom and clarity
- EQ to get the best sound out of your tracks in the mix
- Compression to create balance, energy, and punch
- Reverb, delay, and other effects, to emphasize your song's vibe
- Automation to keep interest and balance through the whole song
- Added listening from a musician and an arranger points of view

You get the best service online
- Professional mix of your song with up to two revision mixes
- Seperated/Isolted main tracks (For example: Vocals track, Guitars track, etc)
- Delivered in both high quality Wave and Mp3 files
- You're free of charge if you end up not satisfied with our final mix
- Safe and easy payment via PayPal

Our mastering process makes your music ready to go out on the real world.
Punch, balance, volume, and clarity are our main goals for your music.

What's included in the mastering process?
- Fine EQ to enhance sound and tone
- Multiband compression to get a balanced mix
- Widening to enhance the stereo effect
- Saturation for warm and polished sound
- Limiting to get the high and yet good sounding volume level
- Proper spacing and fading if needed
- Delivered in both high quality Wave and Mp3 files

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