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Isileli Lavea also know as IsileliMusic (born May 4, 1984) is from Northern California's Bay Area. Isileli discovered his ear for music at the tender age of 5. He learned the very basics from his adopted grandfather about melodies, chords and rhythm. This very basic understanding ended up proving priceless to his discovery that all music instruments are connected. He taught himself how to play the drums, guitar and bass just by watching and listening and applying this simple yet effective principal that if it can make a sound, it can sing.
IsileliMusic is a multi-instrumentalist that plays high quality, uplifting, melodic and rhythmic styles of music, from hip hop, R&B, alternative, EDM all the way down to traditional forms of country, rock, reggae and symphonic orchestration. He effortlessly fuses genres in such a masterful way with the keyboard, drum set, guitar, bass, ukulele, along with an assortment of other instruments as well, such as digital audio workstations. Through growth and experience IsileliMusic has had the privilege of subjugating the ability to wear many hats in the music field as an independent music producer / recording engineer / mixer and multi-instrumentalist (Keyboards, Drums, Bass, Guitar).

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