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Are you afraid of letting the world hear your voice? In need of some help? I got you! With my 5+ years of experience, you can let the world hear your voice without any worry. I have helped 100+ singers get more confidence, next one could be you!

Do you want to get your vocals tuned before putting it on the web?

Or sending it for a contest?

Before I tell you about my work, let me ask you something. Which one would you hire?

Some random guy who lets some 5$ software handle everything (spoiler: the result is always bad)

Or a professional guy with years of experience that manually checks each note to get the maximum natural perfection?

Only go below if you want the professional guy.

What will you get from this gig?

You will get a perfectly tuned vocal file with each note checked manually by me (not by some 5$ software that makes you sound like a robot.)

Ready to work with me?

This is what I would need from you:

-Your vocal track (Only your voice)

-Key of the song (I will figure it out if you don’t know it)

Send me a note through the contact button above.