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Music Producer & Mix Engineer

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I’m Zac, and I have been a creative my whole life. More so a musician and music producer for the last 8 Years. My skill is largely in music production, recording, mixing and mastering inside a digital audio workstation, specifically Ableton Live.

I have acquired an advanced understanding of music, and music production through great mentors, from the US, UK and Australia. Working with great producers has given me great creative habits and a world-class workflow in the studio.

My music studio is a setup in Manly. I have the ability to coordinate the recording process of an song (or album), mix and arrange the music in real time, and work the technical equipment involved in for the process. Areas i excel in is music theory, sound engineering, song structure, mixing and mastering. If you are a musician looking to get you're talent onto hard copy i can do that. For a coffee or lunch break from the studio, Manlys famous Corso is a 5 minute walk away.

If you are interest in me just taking care of the technical post production side of you're music, you have the instruments already made or recorded and you are after an advanced set of ears to mix and/or master for you that i can do via file sharing over the internet.

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Van She - The Reaper

I was the Mix & Mastering Engineer in this production

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Every project has its own special needs. Feel free to get in touch and I would happily discuss what's needed for the best result.

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