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Form your own opinion - my full skillset is on display in the Basement Butterfly pt. 2 EP I released as PM Mirror. I conceptualized, wrote, co-produced, sang on, and played on that project and I'm comfortable with letting it speak for me. If you like what you hear then I would be happy to discuss providing my skillset for your project.

My primary offering is emotionally honest and theoretically interesting songwriting that I can stretch from polished pop to abstract/avant-garde depending on the needs of the project. A song needs emotionally poignant, rhythmically catchy lyrics as well as unique melodies and that's what I provide. I am also an adept vocalist and piano player capable of creating or simply replicating melodies and parts as well as a certified Logic user and producer.

Music has always been the most interesting thing in reality to me. Guitar, piano, and drums were always around in my childhood home and by the time I was ten I was writing music and playing any instrument I could get my hands on. I started studying music theory and breaking apart what makes a song popular (be it massively or with a cult audience) in high school and I began producing my own music around that time as well. At 25 years old I now consider myself an expert songwriter and capable musician. Please feel free to form your own opinion by listening to my releases as PM Mirror.

I'm deeply passionate about the things I work on and although my songs/interests tend towards consumer appeal I won't work on projects that I feel are copying trends. If you're looking to build a relationship and create something emotionally authentic then I may be a good option for you.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.


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