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If you want me to help you, tell your stories... I'll be here for you :) - I WILL WORK FOR YOU FOR FREE! - Hit me up. IT'S 100% FREE!

Hi I'm Storyteller. Just a regular guy who loves telling stories. I like to think of myself as versatile when it comes to songwriting. Working with multiple genres of music, that i most necessarily wouldn't be working in if it wasn't for you guys, is very rewarding for me. The fact that you wanna take me with you on your musical journey, makes me feel very humble and honored.

Now here's my approach... I believe great things can happen if you work for FREE, so that is what I'll be doing, i'll offer writing, composing, helping you, etc completely for FREE, I'll be doing it for the review. :-)

I like meeting new people, networking with people 1000's of miles away, speaking a different language, having a different story.

I live for the stories, so do you, so let's bring them life! :)


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