Matt Connell

Mixing, Mastering.

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My name is Matt Connell and I have been mixing and mastering music for over 10 years. I'm well versed in sounds from folk, to metal, to hip hop and I'm always ready for new challenges.

I own and operate Northwood Studios, a recording studio based in Southern Ontario. After getting my feet wet recording demos, EP's and album's for my own bands, I eventually furthered my skills at The Audio Recording Academy in Ottawa, Ontario where I received a diploma in Applied Audio Recording. After graduating at the top of my class in 2003 I have been recording music whenever and wherever possible. From fancy and expensive studios to basement project studios to band jam rooms, I've worked in all types of spaces. I am a skilled producer, mixer, and mastering engineer. I am also an avid songwriter and have been known to do a little bit of session vocals, guitar, drums and bass tracks as well. Being a multi-instrumentalist I understand well what tones and space different sounds need in a mix.

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