Mulino Recording is present on the musical market since 1989 and is a historical studio for the Italian and international musical productions.It's a residential studio with apartments and garden for the guests and it is found in the south of the Tuscan in a beautiful and full of history green area. The right place for music productions.

The Mulino provides a large control room designed from A&P with an incredible and affordable sound response as recognized by the most important American Italian and English sound engineers and it has 4 recording rooms with hi ceilings and different sound characteristics.The console is a SSL 4056 E series 242 with G computer total recall and G central section.Outboard is rich of tubes and ssl gears from Tube Tech, GML, API, Lexicon, EAR, Summit audio, Urei and so on. Microphones list is rich and various how the instruments available as a C3 Yamaha piano, Hammond C3, Wurlitzer and Rhodes el piano, guitar and bass amps. Mixing can be done in stereo or 5.1 on digital master at the sampling frequency you need or on Ampex ATR 102 stereo machine. You can work in contact with the sun light.

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Terms Of Service

Additional costs only for piano tuning,renting and services.Working time depends your necessity.

Gear Highlights
  • 2 Pro Tools systems
  • Otari Mtr90 and Dtr900
  • Ampex 102
  • Neumann
  • Akg
  • Shoeps
  • Royer
  • Api
  • lexicon
  • Ear
  • Tube Tech
  • Gml
  • Urei.
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