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Mixing and Mastering

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High Quality Mixing and Mastering at a professional studio with Analog Gear.

Hello! My name is Andrey. I am a sound engineer from Moscow. I graduated from Moscow Cinema Video Institute. And for more than five years I have been making mixes in my professional studio. I worked with different styles: rock, pop, rap, electronic and ethnic music. I have gained a lot of experience and I want to help your music sound the best it can be.

Equipment at my studio:

Speakers: Yamaha NS - 10m studio, Adam S3X - H and more.

Equalizers: Tube - Tech EQ - 1A, Millenya NSEQ, Manley Massive - passive, Manley Stereo variable MU - Limiter CompressorManley, Pultec - EQ stereo, SSL XR425-EQ, SSL Xlogic X-Rack, SPL Tube Vitalizer.

Compressors, limiters: Summit Audio DCL - 200, Tube –Tech CL - 1B, Teletronix LA - 2A, Universal Audio - 1176, Universal Audio LA-3A, URei LA-4, SPL Transient Designer, Rupert Neve portico 5014, Rupert Neve portico 5042, Waves L2 Ultramaximizer.

Effect processors: Lexicon Digital Effects System 960L, Lexicon Lark (960L), T.C. Electronic System 6000, AMS S - DMX (dual channel digital delay), Eventide H8000FW, T.C. Electronic 2290, T.C. Electronic G - Natural, T.C. Electronic G-Force.

I also do re-amping guitars and bass on the Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier, Marshall JCM 800, Ampeq SVT - classic.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

MIX Examples

I was the Mixing & Mastering Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

To get started I need:

WAV/Mp3 files of each track 44.1 kHz 24bit.

Reference track (if possible).

Tempo (If Possible).

Your wishes for sound, effects, etc.

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