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I create stories through sound. I'm a sound engineer, producer, drummer and keyboardist. Experience includes work with Ash Soan (Adele) and a masterclass with Xantone Blacq (Amy Winehouse). My Website:

Masters Degree in Music Technology (CIT, Ireland)
Degree in Music Production at ESMAE (Porto, Portugal).
Recording, mixing and mastering experience with musicians from over 25 nationalities.
I speak fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

19 Reviews

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  1. Review by Carlos Paz
    by Carlos Paz

    Un ser humano y un profesional de primera. Desde el inicio él se entrega al proyecto con una sensibilidad y amor cual si fuese su proyecto propio. La comunicación hacen del proceso de trabajo con Eduardo un viaje de aprendizaje y de superación constante. Los resultados finales son verdaderamente impresionantes. En mi criterio personal, es uno de los ingenieros de sonido mas completo y profesional con los que he trabajado. Es un placer trabajar con el. Sencillamente genial.

  2. Review by Brooke
    by Brooke

    Very quick at getting work done but at the same time not rushing it. He communicates well and keeps you updated. Very happy with what he’s done with my music !

  3. Review by Salviano Pinto Soares
    by Salviano Pinto Soares

    I have directly supervised Eduardo Moreira as an Invited Assistant Lecturer in the Audio Production module (included in the BA Degree of Communication and Multimedia at UTAD University). He showed outstanding adaptability, pedagogical and interactive spirit as well as proactive character in taking initiatives. He showed profound knowledge in the areas of sound recording, audio production, music production and sound design. He also demonstrated consolidated know-how in acoustics, audio software, MIDI and compositional skills.

  4. Review by Marta da Costa
    by Marta da Costa

    Organized, detail-oriented, and committed to any work. As a cultural promoter, I strongly recommend Eduardo not only as a sound technician but also as a musician. His patient and dedicated attitude make any task more manageable. He is a fundamental element in any team.

  5. Review by Lolli Wren
    by Lolli Wren

    A few minutes into exploring Eduardo's vast array of work will honestly tell you all you need to know about his talent, high standards, work ethic and musical ability.

    As if being an incredible drummer, keyboardist, producer, mixer, mastering engineer, recordist and composer wasn't enough- Eduardo is likely to me the kindest person you have met in your life. He cares about the projects he takes on, in a way I have never seen before in my 10+ years of experience in the industry. I could go on and on but just trust me, whatever it is you need musically, stop looking.

  6. Review by Cormac McCarthy
    by Cormac McCarthy

    Eduardo is a rare breed; a sensitive, astute and capable musician across a multitude of genres in tandem with having a deeply intuitive and technical facility as a sound engineer. His broad musical knowledge serves to enlighten his engineering and producing, adding to the artistic process and never detracting from it (as can so often be the case). I personally find his capacity to understand and sync with my creative and audio vision to be truly remarkable, and is why I keep returning to work with Eduardo. Oh and he's also an amazing all-round guy!

  7. Review by Alex Brady
    by Alex Brady

    Eduardo is a multi-talented person. He embodies what a producer is in every sense of the word. He can elevate your songs/sonic art pieces to the next level, which he has done in my songs. But also, even more, he is a wonderful human being who will always keep your interests at heart and try to help you as much as possible. As someone working within a similar field, I have learned a great ordeal from Eduardo on how to carry yourself as a professional. I could not recommend him more!

  8. Review by Tiago
    by Tiago

    Eduardo is an excellent producer. His work is a reflection of his enormous professionalism, I've been working with Eduardo for several years and I hope to continue working with him for much longer. I highly recommend his work, you will not regret working with him.

  9. Review by Sarah-Beth
    by Sarah-Beth

    Eduardo is an amazing producer and one of the kindest souls I’ve ever worked with. He aims to serve the song and enhance your work, showcasing it in the best light through his production.
    Very easy to work with, calm, considerate. We worked on an EP remotely & there was great communication throughout.
    He’s very knowledgeable and helped me to learn about production along the way. Collaborations were also suggested for the project which was great as I got to work with other artists & musicians. You are in safe hands working with Eduardo.

  10. Review by Keith C. Clancy
    by Keith C. Clancy

    I have worked with and trained many people over the years and Eduardo just gets it. It is rare for me to say this, but I can trust Eduardo completely with the audio projects I collaborate or pass to him. He is professional and incredibly creative with a great understanding of, not just music, but of sound. Easy to work with, knowledgable and reliable. I have no hesitation for recommending him as an asset to any creative project.

  11. Review by Sena Demir

    If you are looking for someone with a deep soul, a great mind, and advanced technical and professional skills to share, produce, play or discuss music with, Eduardo is the first person you need to meet as soon as possible! Every project he contributes to, every piece of music he produces or plays, and every song he shares with me leaves me speechless and reminds me of how grateful I am to know this appallingly talented person. Eduardo, your understanding of life and how you convert it into unique musical experiences with great dedication and admirable hard work is absolutely exceptional!

  12. Review by João Vaz Cunha
    by João Vaz Cunha

    I've both worked with and listened extensively to Eduardo's work. The quality and dedication towards perfection have never ceased to amaze me. Beyond all of the studio albums, EPs and orchestras he has recorded, his work as a composer and sound technician for theatre and performance in general made me and the whole team feel like he stood head and shoulders above other professionals the production team had hired before.
    His great knowledge allows everyone he works with to achieve final products that surpass the expectations of even the artists themselves. Best of the best.

  13. Review by Marc Anderson
    by Marc Anderson

    I have had the pleasure of working with Eduardo on a number of occasions in Ireland. I have always been very impressed with him as a music production professional, a musician and a person. Having worked for over 30 years in the live music industry around the world, I have come across many wonderful and passionate individuals in the music industry, Eduardo is definitely in that club! His manner, skill, attention to detail and knowledge is excellent and I would recommend him for any musical project where you want the result to be world class.

  14. Review by Colin Andrew
    by Colin Andrew

    I have worked with Eduardo many times, and I've always been blown away by his dedication and insight. He is technically brilliant and easy to work with but also an excellent motivator in a session. Eduardo is well-rounded and brings a fundamental level of expertise to each aspect of his skill set. I would trust him on any level of production and playing in any genre; it would appear he has no weaknesses in his game.

  15. Review by Carolina
    by Carolina

    I've been following Eduardo's work since a very early age and it's definitely outstanding the ways it has been evolving. He excels at a very high level of music production and mixing with much attention to detail and has a wide range of influences that make his work unique and versatile. Would 100% recommend working with him. A person who is always interested in studying more and more so he can be the best he can achieve.

  16. Review by Magali Alvadia
    by Magali Alvadia

    in addition to the quality of the productions, Eduardo offers personalized assistance and tries to extract the best qualities from the artist.
    he is a musician in addition to being a composer and contributes to music in a unique way as he respects the will of what is asked of him and adds brilliance to our work.

    Thank you Eduardo!

  17. Review by Sónia André
    by Sónia André

    Eduardo is a very gifted and sensitive producer and musician. I am very happy to have him on my team at this early stage of my solo career. His work is exceptional

  18. Review by Luís Carmo
    by Luís Carmo

    Started working with Eduardo recently and he's produced some backing tracks, mixed, mastered and audio engineered some covers and an original song of mine. Eduardo is not only a producer/audio engineer, he is also an outstanding musician. He is very detailed in each and every sound while never losing sight of the song as a whole. The sound quality coming from the tracks so far has been austounding. Can't wait to create more music with him!

  19. Review by Carlos Sanches
    by Carlos Sanches

    Eduardo has been the co-producer, mixing and mastering engineer of my artistic work throughout the years. He also records drums, pianos and pads for me and he is such a calm, creative mind to work with. He puts everything that he has into the songs that he's working in and has a great ear for mixing and mastering. I usually work with him in my singer-songwriter/folk project, but you can tell that he has a lot of every genre in him, and that his influences are vast. He's such a delight to work with, I highly recommend him if you want stuff done!

Great song "Sleeping on my dreams" by Colin Andrew

I was the mixing/mastering engineer, drummer and keyboardist in this production

Gear Highlights
  • Focal and Adam Monitors
  • Universal Audio Apollo
  • Audient Preamps
  • AKG Microphones
  • Beyerdynamics headphones
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