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Meg & Ron - the core of 'Better BGs'. While others specialize on lead vocals, we specialize in quality background vocal arrangements by setting a counter stage to the lead vocals, helping to build them, letting them shine through.

Though we're the 'core', sometimes two counter-balanced BGs aren't enough. A need might be for a deeper baritone - or even children we've used, and they become part of 'Better BGs'. We can either do your arrangement (send us what you want - even a simple piano line, or even written in notation - yes, we can read music), or even rough BG's if you have an arrangement OR...let us do the vocal arrangement as we hear it.

This platform doesn't allow to price *our* vocal arrangements, because they vary pending how many singers needed. This isn't our first rodeo; between us we've logged thousands and thousands of hours in many years of studio time (a reason why it took us so long to get on SoundBetter). That said, if you're looking for quick/overnight turn-around, we're not the right choice. If you're willing to wait - usually a week to ten days if we're doing the vocal arrangement, then you have made the right choice (a tad quicker turn-around if you've provided the BG arrangement in clear, legible, easy direction). Children take a bit longer to organize - and no, they're not ours ;)

Additional singers (over the 'core' listed price) contact for rates. Please contact first before _any_ order.

Caveat: We do reserve the right to refuse to partake in some productions.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.


Terms Of Service

10 business day turnaround. 50% deposit upon start. Rates are as stated for 'core' vocalists, or baritone. Children vary in price, pending how many. We don't know what revisions are; never been asked

Gear Highlights
  • We have a fully equipped professional studio at hand
  • name brand and specialty boutique mics and experience to know which works for what.
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  • 2019 Josie Awards in Nashville!Oct 06, 2019

    A big shout out to Trena on her outstanding win of Traditional Country Song of the Year award for her self-penned 'Crazy' at the 2019 Josie Awards in Nashville! And to be nominated in four categories?? Thank you; we're grateful to have been your vocal backgrounds on this incredible win!