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Robert Uccelli, a mastering engineer, is involved in music from an early age, a time when his childhood was totally marked by his love of records and his obsession with audio. He is a music lover by nature, passionate DJ and a real music producer with a total weakness for sound synthesis but above all else a tireless and meticulous audio worker. After starting self-taught in different aspects of music as DJ, sound and music production, he began a great path of improvement in audio production, recording, mixing and post production, then he added mastering specializations to his background. He also conducted training with different professionals from the world industry such as Nick Guzauski mixer from Jamiroquai, Daft punk, Stevie wonder etc. The passion for sonic excellence is something that motivates him, keeps him latent to the dynamic changes in today's industry. In the pedagogical sector, Robert dictates Workshops in different parts of the country and neighboring countries in a personal and virtual way through Toolbox, an engine that has as its main objective the transmission of knowledge, it is vital to always be at the forefront of new changes and trends. that in this way there is always much more to discover. For Robert in his professional field it is always important to go tw

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