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My name is Jordan Childers, I am an Audio Engineer who is about to be a graduate from Pinnacle College. At a young age I began to play and learn multiple instruments which lead to me wanting to get into the technical audio side of things. Now I mix for both music and film, and still love to play music.

Growing up in a small town in Northern California, there was never a lot to do so growing up in a musical family, I naturally picked up music. It became clear to me as a freshman in high school that music is where I want to take my life. I began running sound for my school and church. I began to dial in live mixes the best of my abilities having no education in sound mixing, but that didn’t stop me. Eventually I started playing in bands in my small town for a few years. This eventually made me want to get into mixing music, which then led to sound editing for film which is where I found what I want to do. Now I am about to graduate with an AAS in Music Production/Recording Arts.

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