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Let your voice be heard! Craftsman Recording can take you from building a song, to building a presence, to building a career. Whether you are looking to record your new hit or looking to get on stage for the first time, we can get you there!

The mission of Craftsman Recording is to create works of audio art that are significant to both the artist and the listener. By creating an open and safe environment for creative expression, artists at Craftsman Recording can develop productions of any genre. Craftsman Recording can help any artist go from words on a page to a fully mastered, radio ready production that takes the artist to the next level in their career.

It is also the mission of Craftsman Recording to do live, on location, recording of any event. Whether it is a voice over for advertising, or a live performance of a symphony orchestra, Craftsman Recording is built to render a clean and accurate product to meet the client’s needs.

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Bleach Blonde Girls by Piper Duffee

I was the Producer and Engineer in this production

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