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The sound you want, without risk. Unlimited revisions until your project is released.

Hi there! I’m an audio engineer that graduated from Dark Horse Institute. I also play guitar and bass. I want to be able to provide a great experience, without fear of wasting money. Numerous times when I was younger, my band and I had less than enjoyable experiences with engineers, to say the least. Unfortunately we had to commit to a sound we didn’t like, and the engineers in that area either didn’t listen to or provide revisions. We were stuck with sounds we weren’t fond of.

My goal is to alleviate that fear of feeling trapped and stuck with a sound you don’t enjoy. I’ll offer a 30 a 60 second test mix of a song of yours to determine if I’m the right fit. Furthermore, until your song is released, I’ll offer revisions until you’re happy with the final product.

When I’m mixing, I’ll provide reamps if necessary or requested, so long as I’m provides the D.I. tracks for guitar or bass. For drums, I can also provide sample replacement or augmentation, if needed, and genre depending. If I’m mixing, I can also provide a ‘basic’ form of mastering. If the budget permits, I would recommend hiring an alternate mastering engineer.

My areas of focus are rock, hard rock, metal, and punk/pop-punk. I have worked with country and bluegrass before. Anything with instruments I can work with. I haven’t worked with hip hop or electronic genres. (I’d be happy to make an attempt)

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I was the Producer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer in this production

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