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If you want to have your tracks properly mixed / mastered, or if you're looking for an original and well-crafted remix of your music, then you're in the right place. RED DOG is ready to bite.

I'm a singer and guitar player in the alternative/cold wave band - dogs in trees - and spiritus movens of the solo ambient project Canis Arboris.

Ocassionally, I work as an Assistant Recording Engineer, but what I love doing most is mixing, remixing and mastering. Send me your tracks/stems and be prepared for a full and bright result.

You can also show me your songs in search of advice and I'll try to make them sound more interesting and fresh. I can add a guitar line to your song or a weird melody, if I feel the tune, of course.

Try me out!

Send me a note through the contact button above.

Moby - Are You Lost in The World Like Me

I was the Remixer in this production

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