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World-renowned producer & engineer Lasse Lammert's LSD-Studios are located in Lübeck, Germany, just outside of Hamburg. Combining two state of the art ProTools HD3 Accel systems with piles of luscious modern & vintage analog hardware, Lasse's productions are noted for their crystal clarity along with a truly analog sense of warmth.

Lasse has worked with many artists all over the world, not only in his own LSD-Studios, but also in some of the biggest studios worldwide. His experience in working with labels and internationally successful clients guarantees his professionalism throughout the board. No matter how "big" or "small" your project might be, Lasse does not compromise on sound and quality, delivering the best possible result has always top priority.

With a facility capable of accomodations for up to ten persons and a huge garden, LSD-Studios provide a true retreat for the recording artist(s), where they are able to escape from the pressures of daily life and concentrate simply on making music and getting their very best performances on tape.

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5 Reviews

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  1. Review by Colin Dunne
    by Colin Dunne

    Top producer, I wouldn't work with anybody else. Very professional & experienced. Lasse provides a great range of quality equipment, gives his full attention to the project and really pushes your performance until he gets 100%. He is pretty much a 5th member of the band now. Highly recommended.

  2. Review by Cris Frederiksen
    by Cris Frederiksen

    A good producer has the ability to get the best out of their equipment and the musicians, be willing and able to contribute with constructive ideas to get the best out of the songs without losing sight of the band and also be perfectionists. Lasse has all of these qualities and more. Svartsot wouldn’t consider working with any other producer.

  3. Review by Chintan Chinnappa
    by Chintan Chinnappa

    I fall short of adjectives while describing Lasse's ability as an audio engineer! He has a rare ability to make every band he works with sound unique yet relevant. I worked with him on the Inner Sanctum EP 'Provenance' and the end product was so good that I will definitely be working with him on the full length album!

  4. Review by Mark Sugar
    by Mark Sugar

    My band is currently working on our second album with Lasse. The man knows what he is doing behind the boards, and his goal is nothing less than perfection. As mentioned elsewhere, he has a vast array of amps and equipment to achieve a variety of sounds. Highly recommended.

  5. Review by James Kelly
    by James Kelly

    Excellent studio well equipped with a great selection of amps/guitars & a producer who knows how to get the best out of it all.

    Highly recommended if you want your recordings to stand out from the crowd.

    I will be using Lasse on future recordings, you couldn't work with a nicer bloke.

Gear Highlights
  • Pro Tools HD
  • API
  • Neve
  • Neumann
  • AKG
  • Metric Halo
  • Apogee
  • Smart Research
  • Urei
  • Empirical Labs
  • Bogner
  • Mesa
  • Soldano
  • Marshall
  • Fender
  • ESP
  • Randall
  • Peavey
  • ......
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