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With years of experience in and around studios within NYC, New Jersey and Connecticut, Jacob Fishman offers a product unmatched by competition. Built on a foundation of respect for the art of recording, each mix achieves an organic representation of the art at its core.

Jacob Fishman is an experienced audio engineer, mixing and mastering engineer with years of experience working in and around studios through New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Having gotten his start at Timber Studios under owner/head engineer Adam Cichocki, Jacob is well equipped with a professional ear and a desire to achieve the best sonic representation of an artists work imaginable. With credits including LOVEONACID, Groomers, and Floral Guilt, Jacob is familiar with the inner workings of Rock music and understands what catches the ear to help music stand out.

With the goal of representating the art in it's most organic fashion, the final product will always represent the artist in their truest form.

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