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Swell Audio is the online studio of Jonathan Callaghan an Irish based audio engineer who specializes in mixing and mastering. Also available for other needs such as DDP Authoring & Restoration.

Swell Audio is the affordable online mixing and mastering service of irish based engineer Johnny Callaghan, built to serve Ireland's independent music community. Our range of services include Mixing, Mastering, Stem Mastering, CD/DDP creation and Audio Restoration. If you want your music to be taken seriously, then you need to sound professional. Our goal is to work with you to balance, enhance and maximize your music's potential so it can stand side by side with the music industry's best. Johnny has 7 years experience as an audio engineer and has worked with many local & international artists on the stage and in the studio. If you want a professional result but at an affordable price, Swell Audio is the right choice for you!


Pro Tools 10/11
Izotope RX4

Dynaudio BM6MKII
Yamaha HS5

Apogee Rosetta 200 AD/DA Converter
Avid 003

Antelope Isochrone Trinity

SPL Kultube Stereo Compressor (Lundahl Transformers)
SPL Qure Stereo tube/LC Eq (Lundahl Transformers)

Slate FG-S 'BRIT-4K' EQ/FG-N 'BRIT-N' EQ/Custom Series EQ
Brainworx bx-digital V2
Eiosis Air EQ
Fabfilter Pro-Q
Native Insrtuments Passive EQ
Kush Clariphonic

Slate FG-401/FG-116/VBC/VTM/FGX
Waves C1/ C4 / C6 / L2
Fabfilter Pro C
Fabfilter Pro L
DMG Audio Essence

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Gear Highlights
  • Dynaudio BM6MKII
  • Apogee Rosetta 200 AD/DA Converter
  • Lucid GenX192
  • SPL Kultube Compressor
  • SPL Qure Stereo tube/LC Eq
  • Brainworx bx-digital V2
  • Eiosis Air EQ
  • Fabfilter Pro-Q
  • Kush Clariphonic
  • Slate VBC/VTM/FGX
  • Fabfilter Pro L
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