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I'm Mike Congilosi II, founder of Lightning Boy Audio and LBA Recording Studio. I design and build analog equipment to best suit my production style. I love analog and more specifically, vacuum tubes. Mixing is a huge passion of mine and I prefer doing that in the analog realm. Check out to check out some of my work.

Mixing is what I'm primarily offering, but I take on new production projects when its the right fit. My mixing approach is somewhat hybrid. I use Pro Tools for some automation, but I also manually automate things on the board. Most of what I do happens in the analog realm. I use some plug ins, but I keep it to a minimum so the analog gear can take the front seat. My analog plate reverb is incredible to say the very least. It eats plug in based reverbs for breakfast and helps my mixes sound huge. Although I have many equalizers, my studio is outfitted with 7 channels of passive equalizers. These powerful tools allow me to radically adjust sounds in a very natural and transparent sounding manner, but with a bit of added warmth. My studio is primarily loaded with unique one-offs and low batch, top shelf gear - an large element to my sound. I have some vintage gear, like my radically modified Altec 438c vari-mu compressor, but most of the equipment is comprised of things I built. I take detailed session notes so I can make revisions to mixes if necessary, but I'll spend as much time as necessary to make sure my work is kickin' before anyone hears it.

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Queen City Riot, "She Keeps Me Up"

I was the Producer and Engineer in this production

Gear Highlights
  • Lightning Boy Audio's original hand-made vacuum tube powered mixing board
  • LBA Flux Bender stereo passive EQ
  • LBA "The Big Boy" tube compressor
  • LBA Trinity stereo channel strip
  • LBA Arque Equalizer passive EQ (prototype)
  • LBA TEQ1 passive tube EQ
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