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Music Editor, Sound Designer, Mixing for Picture engineer, Dialog Editor, Sound Supervisor. I have always been attracted by the chance of handle sounds and make art by physical and mathematical considerations. I found it also very intriguing to work closely with those fascinating and complex artistic characters.

Verdiana, class 1992.
Graduated as a Sound Engineering and Music Production engineer at Saint Louis College of Music, in Rome..
During my studies I had the chance to learn and explore the different fields of the audio professions: live concerts, recording studios, sound design, music production, mastering. After having worked as the studio assistant at the legendary Bloom Recording Studio in Rome where I was part of great and prestigious productions, I discovered the beauty of Music for Pictures and Sound Design for film and TV and I totally fell in love.
Since two years I've been working on feature and short Films, Commercials, TV shows.

While working in the post production field, I have been writing my university final project about the complex relationship between Music and Pictures. I studied their synaesthesia applied to the aesthetics of cinema and to the functionality of advertising. I do strongly believe that who works with music and sound, especially if applied to images, should master and control every single aspect of these two powerful media, not just the technical one: culture, psychology, structures, methods, meanings etc. exercise a primary role to achieve the best possible result for a product of excellence.

Currently I live in Manchester where I am doing an internship at Futureworks university and working as a freelancer.

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