Philip Gosselin@lelabmastering

Mastering Engineer

Le Lab Mastering has become what it is today through its devotion to music, artists and producers alike. Founded through decades of experience and an unconditional passion for audio, our team of engineers has an understanding of music that reaches far beyond just the technical aspects of mastering. Keeping the quality of your music as our focus, we

From a young age, Philip starts experimenting with his very first microphones and instruments lying around the house. Wanting more than what his basement had to offer, he decides to study electroacoustic music composition at Concordia University where he gains musical and technical knowledge. During his studies, he is also involved in several independent music and film projects, working both on the production and post production side of things.
Deciding to pursue his studies further, Philip proceeds to a masters in sound recording at McGill University where he receives the John Bradley award for his outstanding work.
In 2014, he participates in a recording program at the Banff Centre for the Arts where he works with artists such as Daniel Lanois, Reuben and the Dark, The Wooden Sky, Coeur de Pirate, Year of Glad and many more.
Now part of the team at Le Lab, Philip brings his capacity to outline the driving elements of a project, and to collaborate with the artists to value the unique characteristics of each project. With a growing vinyl collection, Philip is fascinated by the listening experience that this medium brings as well as the mastering process involved to craft it.

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Gear Highlights
  • Manley
  • Thermionic Culture
  • Dangerous audio
  • Millennia
  • D.W. Fearn