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“Hannah Davis at A-II-Z Mixing offers Professional Remote Mixing whether you’ve recorded in a home studio or professional studio or even your bedroom. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, she’s determined and committed to helping all artists music reach their full potential”

We offer mixing to everyone around the globe! No matter where you are we can mix your tracks. 
Services we offer along side mixing? 
editing, tightening up the track, noise removal, and tuning using Logic Pro X and Melodyne.
We do everything to make your song sound as best as it can. We want your music to shine. If your not happy, we aren’t either. 
Drum tracks:
We are excited to announce that we now offer drum tracks! Nothing beats the realistic sound of a real drummer, software can try but the truth is sometimes you just need the feel of a real drummer. 
So how does this service work?
Easy Peasy! You send us an example of your song, a detailed description of what drum sound and technique you’d love to hear in your song. We record it and send an example back to you. Once you approve, we give you your drum track!

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