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We want to work with you! We've worked with nationally and internationally successful multi-platinum artists as well as countless local and independent talent, in a variety of genres on Mixing, Mastering, Remixes & more. Credits include platinum selling artist on Universal, Def Jam & Atlantic Records.We take your music to a whole new level.

I have been mixing, mastering and producing for over 15 years.I use Pro Tools HD, Cubase & Harrison Mix Console with analog summing running through my Dynaudio Speakers. We take huge pride and getting your mixes and mastering sounding the right way it's supposed to be and also make sure that sounds good on any source that is played from. I'm passionate about helping you get amazing, world-class mixes and productions of your music that are filled with emotion, energy, and excitement.I specialize in Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, R&B, Reggae and EDM but love to mix and master all styles of music. We have a killer work ethic, some great gear but more importantly, we make it our goal to ensure all my clients walk away happy! If you choose to work with us, please send your tracks to mix, along with any notes and details about the songs, what they mean to you, the emotion you're conveying, the mood of the project, etc, and maybe a rough mix and examples of other artists and songs that represent what you're about.

I am excited to work with you on Mixing & Mastering your next hit record.

Send me a note through the contact button above.

20 Reviews

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  1. Review by Killa Cam
    by Killa Cam

    I was soooooo impressed with the Mix & master & the sound quality. I did some transfers from CDs to digital format and it sounded excellent. I don't know the technical part on what they did, all i know that it sounds better than the original! Thank you Sony Records for telling me about this studio. I highly recommend.

  2. Review by Lil Mosey
    by Lil Mosey

    They are really really good! I didn't feel rushed and my project came out perfect!

  3. Review by Remy M
    by Remy M

    Transform my whole song. Its like night & day! Definitely great mix!

  4. Review by Allman Bros. Band
    by Allman Bros. Band

    I love it! Nice mix! The mix sounds great! Great warm sounding vibe! I definitely recommend.

  5. Review by Famous Dex
    by Famous Dex

    Great Quality and sound, perfect mix & mastering I Highly recommend you book all your sessions here.

  6. Review by Camron
    by Camron

    The 3 mixes i have are top notch. This guy is really good! A very experienced Mix engineer.

  7. Review by Lil Durk
    by Lil Durk

    Top notch Mix & mastering on the songs and the Record label loves it! It has a dope vibe. The engineer was very good. Can't wait to start the next one!

  8. Review by Flaco
    by Flaco

    JL did a great job throughout the process. Asking question and providing feedback when needed to be to ensure great quality Mix output. Mix sounded so real & industry ready. Would definitely recommend.

  9. Review by Young MA lit
    by Young MA lit

    First time recording . love it! My voice sounds totally different & better! The Mix is Lit! Im set!

  10. Review by Kiedric Berry
    by Kiedric Berry

    I'm kicking myself in the ass for not finding this guy sooner! I've been trying so many engineers to do my 6 songs and no one can get the correct editing and mixing of it (its not a easy songs). Jazzy Got the files, pulled it up, did his magic and it sounds amazing. All this time I wasted and now it's finally done, I am so in shock. Thank you JL!

  11. Review by King Shakka
    by King Shakka

    He mixed and mastered 6 songs for EP that I have that's coming out on a major label and they are excellent. The last place that I have my songs mixed at they didn't sound too well and they were very low. I definitely recommend Working with JL Music and Jazzy.

  12. Review by EJ Horne
    by EJ Horne

    At 1st when I spoke to him I was a little skeptical because it didn't appear that these guys were official but when I got the the song mix back & heard the mixes that they did, OMG I was a true believer. They are the best you can't go wrong. Thank you for making my song sound excellent! I definitely recommend.

  13. Review by Kin DaBoss
    by Kin DaBoss

    I laid down vocals for a few songs for them to be mix It was an incredible experience. Thanks to Lamel for Mixing my songs.

    It was an amazing experience recording songs where my favorite artists have created HITS. So many Major artists greats have passed through there that I can’t even name just a few. You'll have to check out their website to see for yourself. I felt their energy in the space. KRS-One also recorded vocals for a song that I featured him on here. If you are a serious artist passing through North Jersey or in the area,and need your songs mixed right this spot is a go-to.

  14. Review by RapGod
    by RapGod

    Amazing Mixes & mastering! The top notch engineers are the best I've worked with and the vibe and space is inspirational. Definitely going back.I definitely recommend!!

  15. Review by Shana Fontaine
    by Shana Fontaine

    OMG these guys are the best! My song came out perfect and I was so nervous at 1st because I didn't know what to expect and how it was going to come out. I think I finally found my sound! I highly recommend this studio!

  16. Review by Duke
    by Duke

    Highest quality studio with a good recording and mixing room. If you do podcasts and need recording equipment you can rent here also. They mixed records for a lot of major artists. My mix song came out even better! Good vibes all around as well.

  17. Review by Melvin
    by Melvin

    This man is the truth. Do ya self a favor and work with them. The mixes that they did are incredible! They sound great everywhere! I'm real picky with how I want everything to sound and he had no problem doing multiple revisions and was eager to achieve the sound I wanted. Great experience I will definitely be back soon.

  18. Review by George Prophet
    by George Prophet

    I'm definitely a fan of this studio. Very easy to get too, They got car service available, Producers with great beats, good private space with top of the line equipment. Lamel is definitely a good guy and great at what he does. We did a combination of recording and getting the tracks mixed and mastered and couldn’t be more pleased with the service. I recommend this studio to any artist trying to come out.

  19. Review by Johnny Sinns
    by Johnny Sinns

    I must say though, my experience at JL Music Studios was amazing! From the outside it doesn't look like much but when you get inside its like OMG! The engineer were professional and easy to work with. I'm recording my EP on Atlantic Records so it is very CRUCIAL that my recordings and mixes come out excellent. And they certainly did! This is by far the best recording studio around! I would highly recommend considering this studio for tracking and mixing your next recording. You can't go wrong here!

  20. Review by Leonard Milton Jones
    by Leonard Milton Jones

    Top notch, Professionalism & great working environment. The engineers are very professional and very understanding of your needs and their expertise makes for awesome musical experience.

Iggy Azalea

I was the Mixing Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

Mixes & mastering each include 2 revisions. Turn Around Time Average: Mixing 4-6 days for 48trks or less (Workload Pending), Mastering 1-3 days, Payment due up front for all clients

Gear Highlights
  • Pro Tools
  • Cubase
  • Harrison Mix bus
  • Reasons
  • Waves
  • API
  • UA
  • SSL
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