recording, mxing and mastering

Sami on SoundBetter

I have worked as a sound engineer for the last 10 years gaining experience in both studio and live audio. I have worked and have experience with high end digital desks like the Yamaha CL series and the Midas Pro series and mixed bands in the Indigo at the O2 on the Soundcraft Vi6. I have used most major recording programs in both home and establish

Experienced in mixing FoH and monitors for bands, plays, conferences, weddings and other events
Signal flow, equipment set up and integration, patchbay and cable configuration
Principles of sound and acoustics, sound proofing and studio design
Understanding DAW functions and tools (Pro Tools, Cubase, Fruity Loops, Reaper, Studio One, Nuendo Live, and many others)
Production techniques and programming
Creative use of software instruments
Drum programming and editing
Using digital and analogue mixing desks
Understanding signal routing and channel strips
Microphone techniques and placement
Recording acoustic instruments
Use of equalisers, filters, effect, processors, compressors, gates and limiters
Using auxiliaries and sub groups
Music Industry business

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Gear Highlights
  • yamaha cl
  • midas pro
  • behringer
  • mackie
  • pro tools
  • cubase
  • reaper
  • studio one
  • mxl
  • m-audio
  • waves
  • fruity loops
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