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Recording, mixing & mastering

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I LIVE music. I love listening to it, making it, recording it and being a part of other people's art. Let's do something.

15 years studio experience recording, mixing and mastering for local artists across a wide range of genres from rock, indie, metal to hip hop, grime, dub step and pop as well as helping to document friends' bands in the local noise scene.

I cut my teeth over 7 years as a live engineer learning a lot about time management, dealing with artists' needs and how both PA systems and audiences react to live and recorded music. I've been writing and recording my own music since I was 13 and will continue until my last day on earth! I live for it; I wake up for it.

At the studio I've learned to make people feel at home enough to be creative and perform their best. I've helped every project reach - or in most cases exceed - its expectations by being able to quickly see other artists' visions and help translate, document or push them further beyond the original idea. It's my absolute passion.

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Bonjour Bonnet by Bear vs Manero

I was the Recording, mixing & mastering engineer in this production

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