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15 years of experience in the electronic dance music industry (Trance, EDM). Composing and producing with Paul van Dyk, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Woody van Eyden and others with 100M+ streams. You need a proper mixdown, sound improvements and/or mastering? You have ideas and don't know how to realize them? Your track lacks atmosphere and depth? I can help.

I'm a diplome audio producer and composer based in Essen, Germany with 15 years of experience in the electronic dance music business. My references are within (ghost)producing, composing, sound design, arrangement, mixdown, (vocal) editing, radio and podcast production, mastering and a lot more, whatever needs to be done. For example, I have also produced several chillout/downtempo tracks in the past and created atmospheric soundtracks for a number of escape rooms.

I'm not allowed to mention all artists I have been working with so far. All of them are active in the Trance/Progressive/EDM genre. Some of the names are Paul van Dyk, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Woody van Eyden, Misja Helsloot, Maria Healy and many others.

Releases I have been involved in have been officially published on labels like Armada Music, Black Hole Recordings, Vandit Records, Universal Nation, Pure Trance, Subculture, Future Sound of Egypt & more and have been supported by A list DJs around the world (Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Aly & Fila and many more).

I work 100% confidential and professional.

Send me a note through the contact button above.

48 Reviews

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  1. Review by Rocco R.

    Timo provided an honest and professional feedback to my last track, by pointing out what I need to improve to increase the quality of my music. I also recommend him. Thank you.

  2. Review by Stephen F.

    Timo delivered exactly what the track needed, what a guy to work with, Highly Recommended, A True Pro

  3. Review by Loony
    by Loony

    This guy know what a production has to sound like. Top notch!

  4. Review by Paul Vixen
    by Paul Vixen

    I can’t complain about anything and it’s the first time I don’t have the slightest feeling that I paid way too much money to someone. 100% happy!

  5. Review by Oliver Kehmberger
    by Oliver Kehmberger

    I did some research before I contacted Timo to help me with my production. Too many wannabes out there and I was sick of it to fall for them. If you look up his name you will quickly find lots of serious sources that he is a professional producer and composer. Nothing he says here on this profile is fake. You can absolutely trust him and the work he’s done for me was amazing. He understood what I needed and he delivered within a week. Full quality, easy communication and really cool dude! I will work with Timo again, that’s for sure.

  6. Review by Stella Vocalist
    by Stella Vocalist

    Super service, highly professional and more responsive than other people I have worked with

  7. Review by Michael
    by Michael

    He helped me arranging and mixing my Trance project and it finally feels and sounds awesome. He's the man!

  8. Review by Hank Tilborg
    by Hank Tilborg

    No doubt Timo knows what he’s doing and I learned something about engineering too which is wonderful

  9. Review by Chester Corman
    by Chester Corman

    I needed a specific sound with a specific effect on it and Timo nailed it, wow!

  10. Review by Uli A
    by Uli A

    I’ve paid much more elsewhere and wasn’t half as happy with what I got! Highly recommended

  11. Review by Bob Finch
    by Bob Finch

    Really happy with the overall experience. Timo is a pro 👍🏻

  12. Review by Marta
    by Marta

    Honest and objective advice, very nice guy and he knows what he’s doing. This helped a lot.

  13. Review by Nick Hanson
    by Nick Hanson

    This guy is the bomb! Highly recommended if you need help producing music.

  14. Review by 303 Enthusiast
    by 303 Enthusiast

    Timo put his ears and hands on my Podcast and it‘s a day/night result. He even gave advice on how to improve recording quality in the first place. This makes editing and mastering the whole thing a lot easier 👍🏻

  15. Review by Maggie Swinton
    by Maggie Swinton

    I never understood a few things in music production. Timo explained it to me very well and I can take the next steps now. My work flow has definitely changed.

  16. Review by Mr. Quarks
    by Mr. Quarks

    Corrupted audio file? No problem for him, he rescued my project and I‘m so so thankful for that 🙏🏻 I don‘t know how he did it and I don‘t care. Thank you Timo!

  17. Review by Zach Donovan
    by Zach Donovan

    Big help! Worth every penny, will come back for sure.

  18. Review by Chris T.
    by Chris T.

    Needed some depth and atmosphere in my song. It was all very dry and static, now it‘s much much more lively. THANK YOU

  19. Review by WorldBass
    by WorldBass

    100% professional, really satisfied here!

  20. Review by Peter Costage
    by Peter Costage

    Tried various people at Fiverr, never got what I needed. Found Timo here at SoundBetter and boy this is it! 👍🏻

  21. Review by Max
    by Max

    My latest track has the best quality by far, no way I could‘ve done this without Timo’s help. Thank you man!

  22. Review by Ian Rapton
    by Ian Rapton

    My podcast sounds so much better now. Thank you!

  23. Review by Richard Velsting
    by Richard Velsting

    Seriously, I paid him just to have some insights in the music business that I love so much and he’s worked with some big names. As an ambitious artist thinking about the next steps in building a career he told me a lot of important and interesting things about how this industry works. Whenever I’ll have a track to produce or to finish, you will hear from me again Timo. Promised. Thank you mate :-)

  24. Review by Aaron Walsh
    by Aaron Walsh

    Obviously a very experienced engineer. Thanks for your help!

  25. Review by Gerrit
    by Gerrit

    With Timo‘s help I finally learned how to record my vocals properly. It made a big difference.

  26. Review by Victor Baumann
    by Victor Baumann

    I totally had a wrong idea of the term “Ghostproducing”. Timo opened my eyes about it and I kinda feel stupid that I complained about DJs not composing, producing, mixing and mastering all on their own. I simply didn’t know better. I now understand that there’s more to it than just a person paying someone to produce a track for them. Thank you for that and thank you for helping me to get new ideas to finish my track!

  27. Review by Andrew Moccoli
    by Andrew Moccoli

    Good work, great results and fair prices. Well done

  28. Review by CartEr
    by CartEr

    Quality! 100% happy 🙂

  29. Review by Jesper T.
    by Jesper T.

    Timo is a hero! And little did I know how many Trance releases he was involved in that I absolutely love. I found out during the conversions with him. He’s not a bullshitter. Truly talented, down to earth and funny. Thank you so much for the engineering help and 100% respect!

  30. Review by Blixx&Blaxx
    by Blixx&Blaxx

    He helped me eliminate some audio glitches in a vocal recording. Don‘t know how but it‘s perfect now.

  31. Review by Blixx&Blaxx
    by Blixx&Blaxx

    He helped me eliminate some audio glitches in a vocal recording. Don‘t know how but it‘s perfect now.

  32. Review by Kimberly Scott
    by Kimberly Scott

    He’s a pro. What a guy, such a talent. I’m really impressed.

  33. Review by EDMsurvivor
    by EDMsurvivor

    Watching a lot of tutorials on YouTube is great and gets you into things. But having someone answer specific questions personally and in depth is priceless. Found that here and I regret nothing.

  34. Review by Ahmed H
    by Ahmed H

    Someone with honest insights in the scene and passionate in music production. Absolutely worth a chat.

  35. Review by Sebastian Hüser
    by Sebastian Hüser

    If you ever need help to extend your production knowledge I can absolutely recommend to contact Timo. Learned a lot from him.

  36. Review by Andrew Culham
    by Andrew Culham

    Working on a vocal Trance track for me turned out to be quite a challenge. I needed help to fit in and mix down the vocals properly and Timo absolutely did a great job with that. He added more depth to the whole thing and made it cleaner and crispier. He knows what he’s doing.

  37. Review by Mat Z.
    by Mat Z.

    When I desperately needed help to finalise 3 of my productions, Timo came for the rescue by mixing and mastering them. He even adjusted some of the melody parts that sounded a bit off and added some instruments in the background to make it all deeper and less static. So happy with my tracks now and I can send them to labels now. Thanks a million!

  38. Review by Skinny G
    by Skinny G

    Know how. That’s it. Thank you!

  39. Review by Markus
    by Markus

    I’m totally happy with Timo’s service. Competent, friendly, humble, quick responses, delivering on time and reasonable prices. I’ll be back for sure.

  40. Review by Ian Callaghan
    by Ian Callaghan

    Always wondered how to reach a certain sound standard in my weak productions. Timo explained it to me in detail, easy understandable and with countless examples. I can work much better now and lost some of the pressure I had before. Brilliant!

  41. Review by Frank Tanston
    by Frank Tanston

    I needed someone to mix and master my podcast. Can’t be happier with how good it sounds now! Many more episodes to come, Timo :-)

  42. Review by Stefan M.
    by Stefan M.

    My Techno track was done and I was happy except for the overall atmosphere that was kinda not there at all. Timo helped out with some stunning atmospheric elements that made my track much more alive. The depth of it is killing me now, amazing!

  43. Review by Francis G.
    by Francis G.

    I was working on a Hip Hop track and needed some sounds in it that are often used in the EDM genre. So I found and asked Timo for some help because I don’t know those synths well and he didn’t leave me disappointed. Happy with the result and happy to see he’s not limited to a specific genre.

  44. Review by Emily S.
    by Emily S.

    I love producing and being creative. But I absolutely can’t mix down anything, trust me. It’ll sound like a sponge in a can. So I sent Timo my audio stems to work his magic and all I can say is wow! Every sound is in place now, it all has more power and it sounds clean. That’s skills. Plus: a very nice fella. Thank you Timo.

  45. Review by Chuck Hersley
    by Chuck Hersley

    What Timo got out of only 12 audio tracks blows my mind. Unreal!

  46. Review by Felix
    by Felix

    I contacted Timo only to ask what he thought about my Deep House production and ended up by changing my way of producing a track almost completely. He pointed out things that I didn't even notice. Really really experienced guy who is happy to share some of his secrets which is not a given these days. His service is worth every penny!

  47. Review by Mike
    by Mike

    Timo was a big help with my first official release 3 years ago by giving a lot of advice about arrangement, sound design and mixing. Flawless communication and a very nice guy. Happy to work with him, thumbs up.

  48. Review by Ben
    by Ben

    Very reliable and professional. Timo gave me so many useful tips and helped nailing my mixdown with simple tricks. Highly Recommended!

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