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Analog outboard to Digital outcome.Thats how we work and its Great!

133studio is composed by an experienced team of sound engineers, producers and musicians with the aim of bringing the best result in every single session. If you want your tracks recorded, mixed or even produced look no further. We offer quality sound with affordable prices.

The customer has the option of choosing the staff he wants for his work depending on his needs. (music style - process- session performance).

Equipped with the legendary analog mixboard Mci JH428a, the Amec Scorpion as a sidecar and a lot of outboard units (including Avalon ad2044, Neve Portico 5043, Summit MPC-100a) we can make your sound rich and huge!

Contact us and let's get started!

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Terms Of Service

We are very flexible because we want to see the job done well, so we communicate with you all the way through to the end product.Keep in mind we mix analog so we can only do revisions on limited time.

Gear Highlights
  • Mci JH428a
  • Amek Scorpion
  • Neumann U87i
  • Summit MPC-100a
  • Avalon AD2044
  • Neve Portico 5043
  • Tegeler Tube Recording Channel
  • Lexicon PCM91
  • Drawmer 1968ME
  • Schoeps CMC6 mk5 (omnni-cardio)
  • STUDER A807 1/4" 2 Track Analog Audio Recording Machine
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