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From our previous published posts about resume writing, we have been discussing how to write the best resume that you can ever produce. What if we take a look at the worse side of the equation so you can also take a look at how to write a bad resume?

Build Resume Today
Some people are ready to apply for their first jobs but are not really knowledgeable about how to build a resume. In this case, it is more essential to equip yourself with the right skills in constructing your professional engineer resumes so you can easily hand it to any employers. What are the steps to build resume files?
A resume serves as the advertising platform in which you are trying to sell yourself. In fact, it is like a brochure that intends to attract potential companies to hire you. Therefore, the following details should be included in your CV or resume:
1. Contact details – name, address, phone number with mobile number and your e-mail.
2. Objective – this is a sentence career objective that explains your goal in applying for the job.
3. Employment history – you need to provide information about your previous work experiences and in what company you have worked for.
4. Education background – this section involves the presentation of details related to your academic achievements and education degree that you have earned.
5. Skills and competencies – provide information about what you can do and give example of your abilities in which the company will benefit from.

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