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We live and breathe sound and creation. Bringing creativity and love into our producing, recording, mixing, and mastering sets us apart. Being musicians ourselves, we treat every project or session with the upmost respect to make it as great and unique as possible. An authentic sound AND feeling is what we're about and we'll work until we get it.

Blind Moose Studios was co-founded by Daniel Carr and Tommy Carr. We have been active for 5 years but have 10+ years of experience creating and producing music prior to creating Blind Moose Studios. Since opening in 2014, we've worked with just about a 100 artists from mostly around New England but have worked with artists from around the country. Self-proclaimed chameleons, we don't stick to one way of doing things or one type of genre and our work shows that! We love to create sound and music, we don't concern ourselves with limitations and certain "acceptable" ways of doing things because creativity in the studio is very important to us. Keeping things fresh and inspiring while working with and respecting our artists is something we stress for every session. Being musicians ourselves we understand the other side of producing music, and we want to be facilitators in creating a lasting and beautifully sounding piece of art. We look forward to working on every project that comes through our door. Please reach out and talk to us so we can work together :)

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Gear Highlights
  • Tascam 388
  • Warm Audio 1176
  • DBX 160x
  • Lexicon Stereo multi-FX
  • BBE Maximizer
  • Belani Single-channel Tube Pre
  • Many pedals for REAMP
  • 1967 Fender Bandmaster
  • 1960's Drumset
  • Various Amps and goodies
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