Tristan Mendoza

Mixing Engineer, Producer

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I am a young entrepreneur who has been involved with The GRAMMY Foundation, and worked with platinum selling artists. I am very hands-on and meticulous when I work with someone to ensure that we get the sound we desire. I have a suite of software and hardware, and years of experience that I feel will be of value to interested musicians.

I am Tristan Mendoza, and I am an electronic musician and audio engineer. The goals for my art are always being refined, but one thing that has remained consistent is the need for self expression through art. This can be done by using a song to tell a story, or even something as simple as just wanting to get out a kind of energy through a musical idea.
Whenever I sit down to work on a song I usually have an idea in my head of a feeling I want the song to have, a story I want the song to tell, or a setting I imagine the song would be played in. I am a very visual person so this mental imagery will usually stick to a particular track through the writing and mixing process. While I have never been the most technical person when it comes to music theory and musical practices, I have always tried to make up for this in the production work. Things like sound design, signal processing, and mixing are areas I always try to stay ahead in.
At the moment I am hard at work at bringing my truest self to the forefront of my artistic career in as many ways as possible. Art and truth, to me are synonymous. There is a difference between creating something meaningful to you and others, and simply performing an action. Throughout my career I look forward to sharing, and experiencing true expression.
Now that you know about me and my art, I hope to learn about you and yours.

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