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I am an experienced and passionate Musician/Producer. I have valuable experience supporting in recording albums, making music videos, and assisting with the sound engineering at live performances. I have performed in various venues and events around Europe gaining knowledge of a wider base of music.

Vocal Editing – I will fine edit each vocal stem, where required, changing the sound from “home studio” to professionally recorded.

Midi Enhancing – I can enhance your midi recordings to a professional sound quality

Drum Enhancing and Live Recording – I will finalise the drums to a higher quality finish, be it home recorded or midi drums or recording the drums myself adding the professional studio drums to your mix.

Percussion- I can record live percussion for your songs

Reamping – I can help you achieve a strong guitar or vocal sound in your mix.

Rhythm Editing – Ensuring timing is synced and errors erradicated.

Reference Tracks – Send over reference tracks to give me an idea of the overall sound you want to accomplish for your piece.

I have been mixing songs for years and been lucky enough to be involved with bands who have recorded many albums in various studios such as Studio 2 Abbey Road .

I have years of experience playing drums in various genres and working with different bands and artists. I also play bongos for one of the highest rated event companies in the UK while also doing gigs abroad such as Ibiza.

I have a keen passion for working with, and on the work of, new artists.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

Terms Of Service

Revisions are normally 2-3 times dependant on the work to be carried out. May be additional costs if extra musicians are required , however it will be in the quote.

Gear Highlights
  • Adam A6X monitors
  • Mapex saturn Drum kit
  • Focusrite Clarett 8Pre X
  • Akg C414 stereo matched pair
  • Rode Nt2-a
  • Rode m5 stereo matched pair
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