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i finished 2 years Audio Engineering in Kinneret College, studying a variety of subjects such as : Psycho-acoustic, Electro-acoustic,digital audio, Mixing, music Producing and much more, the department in the college is very serious because they approach to the music both scientifically and artistically.

My Audio Engineering studies gave me tools that are pretty rare to other study facilities , they don't just showed us "tricks" in mixing, or the "magic" of music producing, they gave us much more deep knowledge of how they made it and why. for example mixing is a very large and wide subject, the planing of it ,psycho-acoustically and artistically, should be very precise, including the balance between those two important things, if you want to mix it pro-style, you must learn, what is Re-verb, Early-reflections, the wide dimension, the Deep Dimension, the Hight Dimension, you have to know What is Hz, and how it effect you ears and much much more(Thats why you learn psycho-acoustic), for example in music producing you must learn how to interact with the artist, he hires you so you have to take it serious as he does. i studied Music Producing by one of the top producers in my country(Israel), a person who produced hundreds of albums and was a very known name in the music business. he taught me how to produce step by step, from the interaction with the artist/band until the interaction with the record company's without missing a single step in the way (scheduling, handling the budget, artistic directions, audience destination and much much more).
music is a very serious art, so you have to treat it equally as serious in the engineering side

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