Classically trained musician with over 10 years of engineering and music production experience, spent 2 years working in a world class studio in LA with top tier artists ranging from Bebe Rexha to Sia. An amazing experience, but I left the studio with a strong feeling in my heart: people at all levels deserve access to professional sound.

A passionate music and sound lover. Mixing and Producing music is a dream job for me.

I deliver high quality mixes and vocal tuning on everything from Punk/Rock to Pop and Electronic. People often come to me for clean, clear and polished sound. Collaboration is a huge part of music making, that means with us and our work too, having fun is important! Especially with those I haven't worked with before, communication is key to making your music sound amazing. We can do this!

I specialize in natural vocal tuning. That means a little less Kanye and a little more Ellie Goulding. My vocal tuning is transparent and meticulous - each syllable is processed individually where necessary in order to preserve the energy of the original performance. I'm not about mindlessly quantizing the entire vocals into tune (unless the song specifically asks for it), tuning is carefully and tastefully tailored to the flow of your song.

Gear highlights

  • Pro Tools
  • Logic X
  • Bitwig
  • Avid Artist Mix
  • UAD
  • Slate
  • Melodyne
  • Autotune
  • Vocalign
  • Waves
  • Lexicon
  • Soundtoys
  • Eiosis
  • Vengeance
  • Brainworx
  • Eventide

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

Proposals include the initial mix / tune / master and 2 free revisions.
*Please include the unmixed / untuned / unmastered music when submitting a project for a quote.

Reviews of Reflekshun Music

  • Listing_thumb_jj2 months agoby Verified Review

    Peter really is an outstanding engineer, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I was nervous to find the “right” person to tune and time the songs for my EP, but as soon as we began working together it became clear that Peter was JUST the person I needed. His work was meticulous and on point.

    I really cannot recommend Peter highly enough.

  • Listing_thumb_glen_profile-pic_500x500px8 months agoby Verified Review

    I can't thank Peter or recommended him to others enough. He is just a downright solid, great guy to work with. He doesn't just mix, he helps fulfil your creative vision. He's always pushing every angle to make your song the best it can be. Peter is truly passionate & knowledgeable, and is just a champion of a guy! Thanks again Peter. Amazing work.

  • Listing_thumb_16-08-19-18-37-38-772_deco9 months agoby Verified Review

    Totally impressed with this guy! Peter is a true artist that always puts his heart into every piece of music that he works on..

  • Listing_thumb_glen_profile-pic_500x500px9 months agoby Verified Review

    I'd spent hours on this site looking for someone whom i could work with. whom i could entrust my vision with. Who would push my songs further and bring out the best that they could be, through skilled production, honest feedback, a brilliant ear and solid integrity. If you want your good song to be great.....This is where you start.......

  • Listing_thumb_glen_profile-pic_500x500px10 months agoby Verified Review

    I needed some lead vocals tuned by someone who had a great ear, and that could hear and recognise notes that were just slightly off, or wavering. Peter proved very capable at this. He listened firstly, then got back to me with notes on sections he heard that needed work & he was spot on. Great in his communication also. Thanks Peter! Great job!

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