Music Producer/Mixing Engineer

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I'm the person who is going to bring your sound to a high level, why is that? Because I'm a very detail oriented person. I focus in what your song needs. Mixing or producing music is not about to put random sounds or fixing everything, first of all is to listen what you have and always taking care about you want to express with it.

I started in music since I was a child, my first one was the drums with only 4 Years Old. At the age of 10 I learn to play guitar, influenced by blues and rock and roll. From Rolling Stones to Metallica. At the age of 16 I've started to record some of my own projects with an old version of cubase, editing and learning about EQ and Compressors.
At the age of 19 I begin studying in SAE Institute Barcelona, and 3 Years later I have a ba (hons) music production & sound engineering degree.

I've worked in different studios from Barcelona like a recording assistant, working with bands like Vintage Trouble, Sharmanden, Homes Llúdrigues, Manu Masaedo, and much more.

Since a year ago I decided to build my own Recording Studio, and expand with other music genres like Trap, Reggaeton, Salsa, Boleros, and Bachata.

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