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Jack of all Trades

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I have a keen ear for what a mix needs and (on the production side) what a mix doesn't need. I keep the art in focus.

I am currently attending The Institute of Production and Recording, in Minneapolis, MN. I have access to 5 professional studios, 2 of which are surround sound capable. I have access to 10 different pairs of monitors, pro-tools 11, and of interest: both an SSL and trident consoles. I have access to a wide variety of plugins and outboard gear, all of which are industry standard. (the list is too long.... contact me if you want a detailed description) I also am surrounded by talent, so pretty much any instrumental or vocal you were looking to add to a song, i could arrange, engineer, and produce it.

I am able to, but not limited to:
Mixing / Mastering (songs and/or albums)
Music Production (Beats / Backing Tracks)
Remote Recording (adding instrumentals or vocals to your song)
Production and Engineering (I can bring you into the studios here in Minneapolis)
Critique (both technical and artistic)
Music for film / Sound FX / Soundtracks

No matter how strange the request, I will meet your needs myself, or contract others to do it for me if I am not able to get the best possible product.

I keep the art in focus.

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Terms Of Service

Honestly - I want the client to be happy and will typically bend over backwards to succeed. Turn around time can be quick but is project dependent. If you book studio time with me, I charge hourly.

Gear Highlights
  • 5 professional studios
  • SSL console
  • 10 different types of monitors
  • 8 different listening environments
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