Gerhold Audio

Mixing, Editing/Tuning, Mojo!

Audio Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Pitch- and Timecorrection

I love and live music since my childhood days, therefore i appear(ed) on stages and in studios as a Singer, Rapper, Voice-Actor, DJ, Producer, Drummer and Percussionist for more than 15 years now.

In this period i gained a lot of knowledge about Mixing and Mastering as well as Audio Restoration and Recording - and all that in several musical genres. From "dirt and mojo" to "clean and modern" I can get you the sound of your audiophile vision. Drum Replacement, Editing, Time- and Pitchcorrection - all possible.

Best regards, Gerhold Audio

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Gear Highlights
  • 1/4 Tape
  • 1073 Preamps/EQ
  • SPL Outboard
  • DIY Spring Reverbs
  • DIY Ribbon Mics
  • ...
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