I specialize in Audio Post-Production, Sound Design, ADR and Dialog Editing, Foley, Original Music Composition, Music Production, Songwriting, and Audio Logos (Mnemonics) for TV, Film, Advertising, Theatrical Marketing, and Interactive. www.neoloveproductions.com


• Audio recording, tracking, editing, mixing and sweetening. Sound design and post-production.
• Music production, multi-instrumentalist, arrangement, programming, composition, songwriting.
• Live sound reinforcement (FOH and Monitor), multi-track recording and mixing.
• Casting direction, talent search, event planning, advertising and operation.
• Excellent interpersonal, client relationship, customer service and sales skills.
• Bilingual (English/Spanish).

• Software:
ProTools, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, MaxMsp/Jitter, Finale, Sibelius, Final Cut Pro.

• Hardware:
Digital/Analog mixers, recorders, and controllers; outboard gear and microphone selection.

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I am flexible and have impeccable work ethic. I am sure we can come to a fair agreement.

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