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Hello, I am Bert and I am a record producer in South Tampa.

BIG SOUND FOR A LOW PRICE: Out affordable rates of $30/hr include recording, production, session musicians, mixing and mastering.

I have worked in commercial studios with leather couches and receptionists and it's hard to get into "the zone" with people walking around. It also doesn't help that they start the clock the second you walk in the door... At Tampa Recording, you can expect just the opposite. The clock doesn't start until you're mic'd up. You can expect a laid back creative environment with southern hospitality. I'll shake your hand, offer you a seat on the couch and something to drink. I have never had an artist walk out and say "Thanks, but I'm not comfortable recording here". Our clients say that we are THE BEST in comfort and creative expression.

In regards to sound quality, I have recorded everywhere from multi-million dollar studios to garages. Some "budget studios" can sound surprisingly good (like mine), but most of them are making simple mistakes that are critical to the sound quality. For example: I have watched producers connect a $700 mic to a $9.99 Radio Shack cable- and then wonder why their recordings are so low quality. World class microphones and preamps are very important but it's useless if you have cracks and pops in your signal chain. You sound is only as good as your weakest link.

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Gear Highlights
  • Pro Tools
  • AKG
  • Great River
  • Mac Pro and a pair of super-bass headphones from Doctor Dre.
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