Spencer Bradham

Producer, Songwriter, Engineer

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Hi there! My name is Spencer Bradham and I am a producer, songwriter, engineer, pianist, arranger & composer out of Clear Track Studios in Clearwater, Florida. I have been producing a countless array of genres since 2006. Go to my website (www.spencerbradham.com) to learn more and hear music I have created with and for of my clients.

With a knack for trend-spotting an innate ear for aesthetic perfection, Spencer is just the producer you're looking for. His quick turn around time and his ability and brilliantly create any sound you're looking for is the exact formula Spencer uses to keep you thriving and supplied with song. Drawing from his complex musicality and diverse background, Spencer creates meticulously detailed and carefully produced tracks that are a combination of your vision and the future trends of their genre in the music industry. Whether he is building you a feel-good pop track with levitating synths and a hooky vocal line, or animating swooping arcs of rock guitar and ambient atmospheric beats, or laying down a staircase of delicate piano motifs clawing through prismatic feedback, or harnessing screaming harmonics and snarling power chords, Spencer writes, composes, arranges, produces and engineers it with a casual mastery; a testament to his prolificness as a true ace of songcraft.

Spencer finds great importance in staying up-to-date in order to write and produce fresh, current sounds. His unrivaled musical ability, impressive industry smarts, good-natured vigilance, efficient workflow and 17 years of experience makes Spencer an in-demand symphonic powerhouse that is sure change the future of music.

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Terms Of Service

50% for me to start, and other 50% until retrieval of final tracks. 5 of more revisions depending on project. Turn around time depends on project. 7 days to 3 weeks. Additional costs for session

Gear Highlights
  • SSL Console 8000G+ 56 Channels
  • 32 E-eq
  • 24 G-eq
  • Ultimation and Total Recall
  • Avid ICON console SSL Sigma 32ch Analog Summing Dramastic Obsidian Bus Compressor
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