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Ken Berglund is a music producer and mixing engineer with a focus on pop, k-pop, r&b, house and electronic music.

Ken Berglund is running the state of the art ‘Swedish Sound Studio’ based in Gothenburg, Sweden. With 15 years of experience in full fledged studios the palette of work is vast -- vocal-, drum-, jazz-, indie-, orchestral-, metal-recordings. Compositions for advertisement, production music, game music. Sampled string programming and synths. Vocal production, meticulous editing and tuning has always been a key ingredient.

"Nowadays I spend a lot of time doing k-pop tracks and songs for pitching through my publishing, Swedish Sound Publishing, but I also work with mixing other peoples music. I occasionally also do production music as a side project."

There’s three additional creative studios working with music production and recording at Swedish Sound Studio, sharing energy and productivity between them.

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Gear Highlights
  • Barefoot Sound MM27 Monitors
  • Ears
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