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I've been mixing tracks for around 5 years now, mainly with my own band but I now want to expand and take on projects further afield. I have recently produced the first EP from singer/songwriter Kayleigh Gallagher and have worked with Irish Stoner Rock band Astralnaut on their first two EPs.

Anyone with audio tracks recorded can send them to me and I will then be able to discuss pricing based on length and track numbers but I would like to make it as cheap as is humanly possible for potential clients. I will base my pricing at around £40 per track (with a song of less than 20 tracks and under 5 minutes), £100 for three tracks and £160 for five tracks. Mastering rates will be £30 per track or £15 per track if I am also mixing it for you. If anyone wants to send me a track, I will mix and master it, send you a preview and if you don't like it then you don't have to pay. Can't say fairer than that. Any special requests then contact me and we can try to discuss a deal. Will also work with dialogue editing.

Send me a note through the contact button above.

Terms Of Service

Email to discuss terms, tracks will take typically 1-2 weeks depending on current workload

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