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Lyrics writer. I've written: Drum 'N Bass, Country, Soul/R&B, Christian/Gospel, Hip-hop/Rap (the clean stuff), Alternative, Jazz/Blues I come from a family of musicians and singers, some well-known, so I'm a born lover of technical and creative aspects of the craft. Also come to me if you're in the mood to hear very honest critique.

I was raised in the West Coast, U.S., lived in the south (Atlanta, GA), grew up spending summers and holidays with most of the rest of my family in the Midwest (Chicago, IL and Gary, IN) and East Coast (NJ/Philly, PA/D.C.). I gained a ton of Nashville 'family' members in the music industry (in various shades of fame, including Grammy and Dove winning/nominated), and I currently live in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

With a background like this, you may be able to tell how much of a love I have for all types of music. I grew up on Motown, Country, Classic Rock/Metal, Alternative, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Classical, Soul, and World music (too, I loved Bollywood, African, Latin and European music since I was a teen). We've had family members in the industry (now passed) that I got to observe up close (a beloved pop/funk icon in the industry, and decades-long musician in the band of one of the world's most beloved blues singers/guitarists).

Want help resolving lines in your raps? Need words to express observable life, or unobservable heart/mind situations, in any genre?

I can write, or help you write (co-write), lyrics to grow to.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

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