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Vocal Tuning Specialist

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I specialize in hand tuning tuning vocals of all genres. A tuned vocal track(s) takes any project to the next level. If you want to sound professional, do what the professionals do.

The process of properly tuning vocals is a tedious task. It takes time and experience to hand tune a set of tracks perfectly. There are many awesome mix engineers out there that tune vocals, but it isn't necessarily every engineers biggest strength (and many of them I know personally HATE doing it). The service I offer is hand tuning the tracks. It's a process of tuning note by note, hand drawing each note. It's not just inserting an auto tuner plug in on the track and hoping what comes out the other end sounds good. I have 10+ years of experience in the music industry. I've toured the US in two different rock bands (Fades Away & Summertime Dropouts) and recorded 5 studio albums. I've also produced a handful of studio albums for other artists (mostly in Minnesota). Winter State Entertainment recently finished filming a full length feature film about the story of one of my band's (Summertime Dropouts). Summertime Dropouts has had music videos featured on MTV Latin America, Disney cruise ships, and a many retail outlets. My bands have received placements on popular TV shows including Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, CBS Sunday Football, Golf Central, Players Choice Awards, Treehouse Masters, Vanilla Ice Project, WWE Wrestling, and many other popular shows. Contact me if you'd like to hear examples of my tuning work. I'm fast, precise, and easy to work with.

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Full Time Cutie by Summertime Dropouts

I was the Vocal Tuning Specialist in this production

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  • Pro Tools
  • Antares Auto Tune Pro
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