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Hello! My name is Alexander. I`m mixing engineer for electronic, rock and pop music. My last 3 projects focused on mixing electronic music, they are added to my portfolio. I can mix part of your song as "test drive option" to ensure your music in right hands!

I will be glad to help you achieve full potential of your songs/tracks. Sometimes artists/producers don't have that much experience mixing but need their tracks to be sounding as perfect as possible. I focus on each track individually ensuring that each track is mixed to perfection. Also my approach every genre differently as well. I will ensure your tracks will sound consistent across all playback systems. Please note tracks in my portfolio are not mastered, only limiter take process on final mix.
Besides that service i provide i`m composing original songs/tracks, remix yours or making an arrangement for your songs/tracks if you get confused and don`t know how to develop it further. (My name will not be used on composed, remixed, rearrangement song/track. It will be completely your new track!)
For additionl cost you may order option to mix your project in your daw of choice and send it back to you, it is good opportunity to get new knowledge, tips about your particular mix and enchantments techniques.

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Mixing, editing, vocal tuning, dialogue editing, audio restoration, sound cleaning, recording, music composing, remixing, arrangement, sound design, game audio/music,

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Terms Of Service

Mixing will be done within 72 hours for 1 track/song. You will get 2 versions of you track, maximized and full dynamic range versions. Several free revisions of your mix are allowed.

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