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Hello! My name is Matt Johntony, and I am a musician and mix/mastering engineer from Warren, Ohio.

I offer a variety of services, including arranging, producing, and editing, but I choose to put most of my focus in three main areas: MIXING, MASTERING, and LIVE DRUMS.

Mixing and mastering is a very crucial part of the song-making process, as it is where your tracks take the jump from being a bunch of decent-sounding audio files in a DAW, to being professional, polished works of art. Having somebody mix your songs can prove to be very beneficial to your songs, as it allows somebody to focus all of their attention on just purely mixing and/or mastering. Your songs will receive an intentional listening session to find the strengths and weaknesses in the song, strategic EQ moves, tasteful compression, and creative touches of reverb, delay, etc.

Having live drums on your song can be the difference between something that sounds like a demo to something that sounds professional, polished, and well put together. Your songs will receive a great live drum sound recorded in the drum room at BMG Studios here in Warren, Ohio. This studio has multiple drum sets, and is capable of producing many different sounds to fit with many different genres.

For more details, you can check out my website: If you have other questions regarding these services or my other services, you can email me at

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Terms Of Service

I allow for up to two revisions on all work that I do. Turn around time depends on the project, but I always am sure to come to an agreement with the artist before the process begins!

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