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I'll be there for your vocals when they get slightly lost between the notes. But I got a bunch of other candy in my trunk.

I'm a music producer/sound engineer trained at the Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam (ARIA).

While studying at ARIA, I fell in love with the craft of vocal tuning, from hard tuned Lil Wayne sounding vocals, all the way to subtle and transparent pop sounding vocals.

How it works?
All I need is the raw comped tracks of your vocals and and a bounce of your instrumental so I can understand the key of the song and the context. Also I always want to know what the producer/singer has in mind. A short description of what you expect to receive at the end of our collaboration is always welcome as well as the delivery formats that you require.
In addition to that I'll typically make sure there are no pop/mouth clicks/hum or any other unwanted noise in the recording.

My tools are Melodyne and iZotope RX.
My DAW is Logic Pro X.

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Terms Of Service

The turn around time for a single vocal track is 1 day.
The results can be revised 2 times. Outside of the 2 revisions, any additional work will cost 20$/track.

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