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Full range service for all music needs. We are five guys who love music and working with it for a last 12 years. In our studio we are Producing, Composing, Arranging, Mixing, Mastering, Recording, Designing... Located in the most creative area of our city we have access to the tons of session musicians who can record different instruments for you.

Five visions of modern music ensured by our different roots, education and practice. And that allows us to forget about genre borders. Now, people are not listening for genres, they are listening music that gives pulses and emotions. Just give us your idea and we'll do our best.

How it works. If you want to get a cool mix, you need to send a quality source tracking. If you don't have the opportunity to record high-quality source material, you can order this service from us. Working with the project, we use our analog equipment to reamp and improve the quality of tracks.

During the composing of music/beats we use the most actual samples, synths and professionally recorded live instruments. This approach allows you to get result corresponding to your plan.

I'd love to hear about your project. Click the 'Contact' button above to get in touch.

16 Reviews

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  1. Review by Evander S.

    I want to highlight this studio as working in the best way. We liked the level of equipment, qualified personnel and a special atmosphere - all these factors perfectly help musicians to realize their plans!
    And especially I want to mention the work of sound engineers Tim Erdakov and Alexei Kostovitsky, these guys know a lot about heavy music and feel well what exactly the performer wants to achieve!
    I do recommend the Skylark studios!

  2. Review by Evander S.

    Hello! My name is Evander
    My practical experience of interaction with various studios of the Moscow region is more than 10 years. During this time, I recorded about 15 albums as a member and a special guest of various bands working in the styles like death metal, death doom, funeral death doom, etc.
    In the fall of 2018, we recorded our third full-length album with my main band “Who Dies In Siberian Slush”.
    Recording and mixing took place at the Skylark studios, Moscow.

  3. Review by Ivan
    by Ivan

    Very good studio. Guys do their work very proffesional and high quality. It not depends if you are working remoteely or on site. Everytime result is good.

  4. Review by Alex
    by Alex

    Great studio. The guys relate to their work with high professionalism and attention to detail.

  5. Review by Villie Jam
    by Villie Jam

    Great studio, these guys really know, how to make your music sound beautiful.

  6. Review by REFTA.M
    by REFTA.M

    These guys know what they're doing. Understand material with which to work and do their job at 200 %

  7. Review by Dmitry
    by Dmitry

    As for me, it is one of the best music studio in Russia. I came to this wonderful place two years ago. I immediately understood that I liked this studio. You can find a high quality musical equipment in Skylark. But what is more important that you can find really kind, helpful and good people. They know a lot useful information about music and music production. They are ready to help you an any time.
    Working together you will get a mind-blowing result. You can make a hit! It's all in your power! And Skylark studio will help you to make it all in reality.

  8. Review by 180Jeez
    by 180Jeez

    Excellent studio, it employs some of the best sound engineers in Moscow! I recommend it, I recorded vocals and mixed tracks many times, all at the highest level.

  9. Review by Andrey Cheban
    by Andrey Cheban

    One of the most exciting places to work on your music. I've started to work with Alexey from scratch, i've recorded demo at home and then we've wrote drums, guitars, bass, vocals at the studio, the process was fast and fluent, my favourite part was re-amping - you have plenty of options to choose from - Mesa, Orange, VHT, Marshall, ENGL and some other unique amps, different cabs and mic settings. You will get real sound with no VST involved, this is something we all are missing right now - dynamics and harmonics of real sounds.If you look for good recording studio - Skylark might be an option.

  10. Review by Nick
    by Nick

    Let me give you several tips.1. Go to this music studio
    2. Make perfect songs! And that’s enough🔥 The best place with only professionals and btw very cool guys. The quality of your music is ensured, if you have any doubts , go and check us on ITunes - PLY&FLY !!! We have been working with Skylark for a year and advise you to choose it🤘🏻

  11. Review by Ilya Anikeev
    by Ilya Anikeev

    I think,that it’s best Music studio in Moscow
    Respect 💯👌

  12. Review by Juce
    by Juce

    First of all, I’ll say that I’m recording at this studio for over a year, it has become my second home! Apart from the fact that there is an incredibly high-quality and professional equipment, there is a very spiritual team here, who also treats the most professional and responsible work! I get high every time I come here) 10 out of 10! 💎

  13. Review by Андрей
    by Андрей

    I am very glad that our band chose the Skylark studio.
    We enjoyed a process of recording our music and we are very pleased with the result. I recommend this studio to everyone!
    I wish the entire Skylark team prosperity and many interesting projects!

  14. Review by Denis Derbinov
    by Denis Derbinov

    Individual approach, operational work, excellent sound quality. I advise everyone to contact Skylar Studios

  15. Review by Августин Гришин
    by Августин Гришин

    Wonderful Studio! Thank you for the quality work and friendly welcome! Our new EP will record with you!

  16. Review by Cyril
    by Cyril

    A very nice and cosy studio with friendly personnel. You can choose among different sound engineers, they can provide their portfolios, if you want to, so you have a choice. They speak English, so it’s easy to find common language. You can either work with them at their studio or online, it depends on your necessities. Correspondence between quality and price makes it a nice choice, especially for those who earn in $ or € :)

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