Olivier Leducq (Cosmos Studio)

Mixing and Mastering engineer

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7x Platinium recording and mixing engineer

Hello guys !

My name is Olivier and I work at my studios in Paris. I am specialized into recording and mixing. I do also mastering from time to time. I am very passionate and serious about my job and I understand how important it is to get your music to sound the best it could.

I love my job because it is technical and artistic in the same time. My goal is to make my client happy so I like to discuss about the song, what is it about, what he is expecting from me, etc.
I can mix any genre of music with the same pleasure (Hip Hop, Folk, EDM, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, etc.)

My setup consist of a Pair of Focal SM9, a Trinnov Audio ST2 Pro, a Mac Pro, an Antelope Orion 32HD, a SPL NEOS Console, a Mas Overstayer, a Tegeler Creme, everything wired with Vovox cable !

Lets work together !

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

Gear Highlights
  • My setup consist of a Pair of Focal SM9
  • a Trinnov Audio ST2 Pro
  • a Mac Pro
  • an Antelope Orion 32HD
  • a SPL NEOS Console
  • a Mas Overstayer
  • a Tegeler Creme
  • everything wired with Vovox cable !
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