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Need drums on your track? I can play it for you. Need someone to record said drums? I can do that as well.

Hello, Joe Billy here, I am a drummer, engineer, and solo artist from Northern NJ.
I have years of experience with various bands ranging from genres such as surf rock, punk, rock n roll, metal, grindcore, folk rock, and dance/pop music.
I also have a recording space where I not only track, mix, and master fellow musicians, but also record myself.
Therefore, if you need a versatile drummer to lay down the right beat for your track, I can help. Not only that, if you'd prefer I record it myself, I can do that too.

Here are some works you can find my drumming on:

Cartoon Violence's "No One Will Ever Believe You" EP:

Cartoon Violence's "Lemons" Single

No Noise's "Rubber" Album:

Orbynot's "Without A Trace" Album:

Orbynot's "Rusted Chains" and "Metal-Morph-Us" on "Metal-Morph-Us" Album:

Live Video with No Noise (2015):

Contact me through the green button above and lets get to work.

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